Was denkst du?

what do you think?

while talking to peolple i was told to use my senses.
or my sensors?

there are sensor for Light, motion, temperature, magnetic fields, gravity, humidity, moisture, vibration, pressure, electrical fields, sound, and other physical aspects of the external environment
stretch, motion of the organism, and position of appendages
toxins, nutrients, and pheromones
Estimation of biomolecules interaction and some kinetics parameters
Internal metabolic milieu, such as glucose level, oxygen level, or osmolality
Internal signal molecules, such as hormones, neurotransmitters, and cytokines
Differences between proteins of the organism itself and of the environment or alien creatures.

But where is the sensor for irony?
What do you think?

The resolution of a sensor is the smallest change it can detect in the quantity that it is measuring.
How close can you get If you increase the resolution?
is a movie more real when its in HD?
is life more beautifull when its in slow motion.
But wich resolution do you mean?
What do you think?

Resolution in logic as a rule of inference used for automated theorem proving Resolution in law as a written motion adopted by a deliberative body Resolution in debate as the statement which is debated in policy debate Resolution in music as a technique in music theory New Year’s resolution Resolution as a Douglas DC-6 aircraft, BCPA Flight 304, which crashed near San Francisco in 1953

or a you talking about the resolution of your 3 d printer?
and if yes, is this the solution?
a solution like a soup with solubables?
What do you think?

i got many more questions like:
is technic always a prothesis?
Yeah Yeah i know about this thesis..
Is live easier on mdma and does affect your rna or dna?

if you use a radiotelescope to search for molecules in space, what do you see
What do you think?
Do radiotelescopers listen to radio waves?
What do you think?